Create the perfect scenes

While Lutron products are your best choice to control lighting and shades in your home, the quality of programming and design truly determine the overall level of satisfaction you will experience.

Each component — from the main controller, to the dimmers, sensors, and shade motors — all have options that need to be programmed in order to create the effect you are trying to achieve in each space.

Would you like to

  • Set the scene for a backyard party?
  • Light your home for an intimate dinner?
  • Set the shades in your bedroom to automatically close at sunset to ensure night time privacy?
  • Enjoy your home theater environment to its fullest?
  • Keep the afternoon sun from heating up your home and/or damaging your furnishings?
  • Be able to press one button before you go to bed at night and know that all of your lights and shades are set exactly the way you want them?
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your home?

All of this, and more, is controlled by the thoughtful design and programming of your Lutron system which is why we put so much effort into learning about you and your lifestyle.

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