The perfect home lighting

When purchasing or building your home, you select each piece of furniture and art with immense care.

After you’ve taken the time to design style scheme that fits your lifestyle and preferences, develop a lighting plan that will set your home off to its best advantage. This step is often forgotten by homeowners, but it can make all the difference.

The lighting scheme can affect how colors look and work together, create a mood for the room, and draw attention to your favorite features.

Installing smart lighting allows you to create dimmable lighting scenes that reflect the mood and ultimately save energy. Dim or turn off lights from the comfort of your couch. Use home automation to set your porch light to turn on at dusk and off at midnight. Have your hall light turn on when you unlock the door. The lighting possibilities with home automation lighting are endless.

The best part about a Lutron system are the controls. Lutron designs chic switches or touch panels for your walls. You can also utilize your smartphone or tablet to turn your lights on or off. If you integrate a voice control device–like those from Amazon or Google–you can even alter your light settings with your voice.

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